Chiara Magni Artist

Italian Finger Painter

Chiara Magni is a lifetime-long painter from the amazing Garda Lake. She mastered different mediums and technique such as water colors, acrylics, pencils, abstracts using inks, stucco, resins and metallic paint; after all this she understood the perfect medium was pure oil paint and the best technique to express her full creativity was fingerpainting.

FINGER PAINTING is a very special tecniche where the artist only uses her finger tips and hands as the only tool to create unique art works. The color is alive and the paint is 3D and very rich in texture as it is applied directly from the tube to the canvas pure without any solvents or thinners.

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Chiara at Work

Enjoy constant updates of how Chiara creates her paintings,
as well as photos of work in progress from her studio.


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